Thursday, July 29, 2010

LP bows

I have been working on this blog for three days, well here it is. I recently contacted "LP Bows"to do a review and she sent me three clips ( pics later)

First,she sent me a purple korker bow,its the first korker bailey ever recieved and i love it .its very sturdy& even with bailey pulling it throwing it & chewing it it stays in good condition and still bounces back :]

Next, she sent a crocheted light pink flower, i LOVE crochet so i of COURSE love it.It's so cute, of course bailey pulls it out of her hair to chew on it but its still cute when i can get her to leave it in her hair, and its so cute , i even wear it :)

finally she sent a hot pink flower clippie that i can clip onto a white headband and make any outfit cute. the bows are very well made & well worth the price..

if you'd like to see her bows check her out on FB

she also has a refferal contest going on,check it out!

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